Aging and the Loss of Taste

Aging and the Loss of Taste

Season 1 - Episode 10

Did You Know?

As we age, our senses can diminish, so cooking with a variety of spices can help us with the continued recognition of flavor.

All our senses are involved when enjoying the flavor of food: smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch.

​Flavor is the sensory impression of food and is determined by the senses of taste and smell.

David introduces our "Aging & The Loss Of Taste" episode by reminiscing about all the old TV westerns we watched as kids. But as time has moseyed along, these television "Shoot 'Em Ups" have dwindled, just like the sharpness of our eyesight, the acuity of our hearing and our ability to distinguish certain flavors the way we used to. It's the inevitability of getting older, watching a percentage of our senses ride off into the sunset.

Unfortunately, there's no spectacles or hearing aids for our taste buds, but there are two important things we can do to maintain the enjoyment of our meals. One is to pack more flavor into our food without grabbing the saltshaker. The other is maintaining excellent oral health.

Food Over 50 host David Jackson has chosen two spectacular recipes that exemplify the first. Fortified Marsala wine is a highly distinctive flavor and he uses it in his Pork Tenderloin Marsala, rife with garlic, shallots and mushrooms, accompanied by Whole Wheat Spaghetti w/ Spinach, to prepare a memorable meal. Then there's Mango Chicken Brochettes. The sweet perfume of this fresh tropical fruit, along with chili and ginger, really perks up both our taste buds and the big chunks of skinless chicken breast, onions and bell pepper that sizzle on their skewers!

The other aid in combating loss of taste is healthy teeth and gums. That's why David visits with Palm Desert Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Dr. Christian Luzar, who explains the anatomy of our mouths, plus how and why saliva, and a healthy chew, have a lot to do with our continued flavor recognition. Also, our dietician Elizabeth Kelsey backs up Christian's good information with more of her own during her "Second Helpings" segment.

As to David's ending "Earn What You Eat" spot, what could be a more Old School active lifestyle choice than bowling? It's low impact, good for our leg strength, grip strength, hand/eye coordination and flexibility. Just take it easy on the pizza and cocktails between frames!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Pork marsala food over 50 style

​Pork Marsalae

mango chicken brochettes food over 50 style

​Mango Chicken brochettes