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Television cooking shows pretty much concentrate on recipes and more recipes because there's little time for anything else. Even with shortcut culinary techniques and tricky editing, 30-minutes can fly by. But we recognize that viewers spot interesting things on our set, or wonder what happens behind-the-scenes. Is there time to address these interests on-camera? Not really.

But here at we've got all the space and time in the world. That's why we've dedicated this section of our site to the little things on-set and around the studio that might interest you besides the recipes.

Read About the Items Featured in the FO5O Set

June 24, 2018

On Set: The Anglers Arms

​​For anyone who watches Food Over 50 it should be no secret that I am a fishing nut. Given the ...

May 4, 2018

On Set: The Raviolatrice

If you've watched an episode or two of Food Over 50 you might have noticed a particular culinary device that ...

April 28, 2018

On Set: Copper Pot Collection

​The one thing on our Food Over 50 kitchen set that gets the most response from viewers is the eclectic ...

April 28, 2018

On Set: Giant Clam Shell

​Behind the scenes at our Food Over 50 kitchen studio we have 6, commercial-grade chrome racks, each with half a ...

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