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Are you part of the 50+ Boomer/Senior generations and concerned with your dietary health challenges such as high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease or elevated A1C? If so, you've definitely come to the right place!

Food Over 50 is here to tempt you with valuable nutritional information and healthy, flavorful recipes that focus on our dietary wellness and longevity.

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Dear Friends Please Stay Safe, Fit and WellNow is not the time to be blasé about our health and safety, especially we Boomers and seniors who occupy the 60+ age demo deemed at greater risk to the Corona Virus. Nor

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Did you Know?

Sweet Things

Sugar and saturated fat trigger your body to make more of its own cholesterol.


About 75% of the sodium added to our diets comes from processed foods, not the salt shaker.

Omega 3's

Fattier fish such as salmon, mackerel & anchovies are great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.

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Fancy some healthier breakfast options, like deliciously Dirty Eggs, a sizzling Garden Skillet or sumptuous Slow Oats? Does Ambrosia Tropicale, Berry & Quinoa Salmagundi, or Pisto Manchego sound exotically & nutritiously appetizing? Would leaner, higher fiber comfort foods like Fireside Chili, Meatloaf & Mash, Sweet Corn Hash & Turkey Noodle Soup tickle our tastebuds?

Sweet & Savory Cantaloupe Salad

​​​Sweet and savory flavors are amazing, especially when the recipe is fresh, quick and easy to prepare. This salad recipe with cantaloupe, seedless red flame grape, celery and walnuts is exactly that. It’s refreshingly sweet and savory, crisp and crunchy,

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Classic Salad Nicoise

​With its bed of fresh, crisp lettuce, array of garden vegetables and double helping of protein from the tuna and egg, Salad Nicoise is traditionally a summertime meal, but it’s so good, and so good for us, we should eat

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Fresh Berry & Quinoa Salmagundi

​​This hodgepodge of sweet and savory flavors is extremely high in fiber, extraordinarily nutritious and refreshingly quirky… whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner! ​Ingredients to Remember​Raspberries are the highest fiber fruit at 8 grams per cup.​Quinoa contains almost twice

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