Open-Face Burger Deluxe

Open-Face Burger Deluxe

Who hasn't been to a dinner and ordered the Deluxe Burger, probably with cheese and accompanied with a big, greasy, salty pile of fries? This is American comfort food personified, but with all the fat in a traditional 80/20 burger patty and loads of starch from the two buns and potatoes, just how "comfortable" is another inch on your waistline and a blast of saturated fat for your arteries?

With this extra lean burger recipe we get to rekindle those "Happy Days" at the dinner, but without any sad health consequences!

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Open-Face Burger Deluxe
  1. Slice two of the onions lengthwise into thin strips and place in a medium saute pan, over medium-low heat with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Partially cover with aluminum foil. The foil traps some of the moisture during cooking, but not all. This allows the onions to caramelize without burning and end up sweet, tender and deep amber in color. Reserve the onions to be served warm as a garnish with the burgers.
  2. Grate one onion, mince garlic, finely chop pickles, finely chop capers and combine in a mixing bowl with the extra lean ground beef, mustard, black pepper, I tablespoon of olive oil and black pepper. Mix thoroughly and form into four plump patties.
  3. Grill or pan fry burgers over medium heat to a doneness of medium-rare. or at the most medium. Well-done burgers will dry out. A little pink should still show. Also, extra low-fat burgers cook quickly, so keep on eye on them.
  4. Toast one slice of baguette or sourdough and place on a plate already garnished with tender leaves of romaine, avocado and tomato slices. Serve the burger on the toast, open-face, with the caramelized onions alongside, or smothering the burger patty. These are a somewhat healthier and more sophisticated substitute for French fries.
Recipe Notes

Do not add salt to this recipe! The capers, pickle and mustard already contain ample sodium and impart a lovely flavor accent to the meat.

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