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David Jackson, on location picking olives at the Highland Springs Resort

A cooking show that never leaves the sanctity of its expensively styled kitchen set is like a retired couple that never goes on holiday. What's the fun in that?

Here at Food Over 50 we believe there's more to healthy and tasty food than just a flurry of pots and pans in the kitchen, followed by the view of the dining room wallpaper, which hasn't changed in 30 years!

Showing good food being prepared is important, but showing where good food comes from is an experience! That's why we love taking you on picturesque out-of-kitchen adventures, like our visits to the Scottish coast to pull lobsters from the briny deep, or gather cockles or mussels for an impromptu vongole.

David Jackson, on location at Hidden Oak Ranch

We're just as quick to temporarily "desert" our desert studio for a day of picking and pressing the finest ripe olives for the purest California extra virgin olive oil, or walk among the palms to experience the date harvest in The Coachella Valley, where the early November temps just begin to dip below 100 degrees!

Doesn't that sound like more fun that 30-year old wallpaper? We thought as much. So here's a taste of Food Over 50 on location online.

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David Jackson checks out a stream of sodium on Food Over 50
David Jackson harvesting California olives
David Jackson in the barrel room at Red River Distillery in Scotland
David Jackson plays golf for an "Earn What You Eat" segment on Food Over 50

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