Dear Friends Please Stay Safe, Fit and Well

Now is not the time to be blasé about our health and safety, especially we Boomers and seniors who occupy the 60+ age demo deemed at greater risk to the Corona Virus. Nor is it a time to panic.
Everyone at Food Over 50 is adhering to the sound recommendations of the World Health Organization, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and medical professionals everywhere. We are avoiding direct physical contact with others where possible, maintaining distance during social interactions, regularly and thoroughly washing our hands, avoiding absent hand-to-face contact and of course concentrating on food safety and dietary common sense. This includes emphasizing the at-home preparation of our own healthy meals and exercising caution and good sense when and if eating out.
Mother Nature has a way of testing us periodically. COVID 19 is the latest challenge. Let’s all measure up to this health concern by staying safe, fit and well.

We’re with you,

The Food Over 50 Crew