Clever Condiments

Clever Condiments

Season 2 - Episode 13

​​​​Fresh is best when it comes to the meals we cook and eat, but what about bottled condiments that often go in, or on our meals? From ketchup to hoisin, there’s not much that’s fresh, fibrous or low in sodium or sugar about these manufactured sauces, marinades, dressings and relishes. That’s why in our final episode of Food Over 50’s second series, David whips up several “Clever Condiments” that put good nutrition and great taste ahead of convenience and shelf life!

For instance, David shares with us the remarkably simple recipe for one of his favorite flavoring elixirs, Pilipili Ho Ho. It’s one of the little known secrets of African cuisine! Plus, whoever said cranberry sauce was only for Thanksgiving doesn’t know David’s 4-Season Cranberry Sauce, featuring far less sugar, fresh orange, ginger and chili. It compliments chicken, pork, beef and loads of garden vegetables just as well as turkey!

Then David creates a classic, but remarkably quick & easy Curry House Medley of Cucumber Raita, Fresh Mango Chutney and Onion & Tomato Salad. That’s followed by the sweetest, earthiest, no-sugar-added condiment you can imagine, Onion & Garlic Jam!

Our “Clever Condiments” episode is all about freshly-made sauces and dressings that are absolutely worth relishing!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Pili pili ho ho condiment as prepared by Food Over 50

​PiliPili Ho Ho

Onion jam condiment as prepared by Food Over 50

​Onion & Garlic Jame

Cranberry sauce condiment as prepared by Food Over 50

​4 Seasons Cranberry Saucee

Parsley sauce condiment as prepared by Food Over 50

​Parsley Sauce

Cucumber raita, mango chutney and onion tomato relish condiments as prepared by Food Over 50

Curry House Medleye

Spiced BBQ rub condiment as prepared by Food Over 50

​Barbecue Rube