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​Season 1 Recipes

​Food Over 50

​In our premiere 13-episode season of Food Over 50, veteran television chef David Jackson introduces viewers to our two main FO5O production locations, the arid and prickly beauty of the high desert of Southern California, between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park, and the wind-swept vistas of land and sea in the Western Isles of Scotland hard against the North Atlantic.

From our desert kitchen studio David creates a sumptuous international menu of healthful low sodium, low carb, high fiber and reduced saturated fat recipes, while introducing us to some of the unique agriculture of Southern California. Out-of-kitchen, we visit the date harvest in the arid Coachella Valley, as featured in episode #4 - ‘Sweet Things.’ Then, in episode 8 - ‘Dietary Fats’, we pick and press Olea Europaea for California’s pure and distinctive extra virgin olive oil in Temecula, part of the Anza hill country between Palm Springs and San Diego.

From our Scottish seaside location in The Outer Hebrides, David shares his sustainable harvests from the sea to emphasize the healthy importance of fresh fish and seafoods in our diets, such as Episode 3 - ‘Omega 3’s: Are They A Fish Story?’ Beach-Grilled Lobster, hand picked Mussels Marinara, freshly caught and cleaned mackerel for Smoked Mackerel Pate, Cockle Vongole and Pollock Ceviche are all prepared throughout Season 1 episodes.

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​Season 2 Recipes

​Food Over 50

​In our second 13-episode series, David expands on several of the valuable dietary and culinary subjects we introduced with Season 1. For instance, in Episode 7 - ‘Subtracting Sodium,’ he picks up where our ‘Salt Show’ from last season left off with soy sauce-shy Nori-Maki, salt-free Quick Kraut Casserole and no-salt-added Beef Fajitas Tacos. Last season’s ‘Sweet Things’ gets a second helping of healthful temptations with Poached Pears in Red Wine, Mango Whip and Grilled Stone Fruit in Episode 11 - ‘Sweet Things II.’ And we ‘Cautious Carnivores’ learn more about healthy portioning in Episode 12 - ‘Minimizing Meat.’

However, Season 2 is anything but leftovers from Season 1. Completely new and healthful culinary themes pop up throughout the new series. David begins at the dietary start of our day with ‘The Breakfast Club.’ Fancy some Dirty Eggs, a high fiber Garden Skillet or Slow Oats? Then David shows us easy and delicious ways to create fresher, lighter and more nutritious recipe ideas for campouts, picnics and open-air tailgate parties in Episode 3 - “Eating Outdoors.’ David’s amazing Fireside Chili is already proving to be the most popular recipe of the whole series! In Episode 8 we explore ‘The Facts About Gluten’ from a wheat field and make Pasta & Pancakes! Then we wrap up the new season with fresher, more wholesome Sauces, Dressing & Relishes in Episode 13 - “Clever Condiments.’

There’s plenty of clever and nutritious recipes in Season 2 to tempt our tastebuds, plus the invaluable advice of our resident Dietician, Elizabeth Kelsey, in ‘Second Helpings.’

​Don’t worry if the volume of a certain recipe seems too big for your one or two person household. Just do the math! Divide all the ingredient measures according to the reduction you desire and you’ll end up with the same recipe, just with a smaller yield. Alternatively, our ‘Almost Chicken Soup’ has turned out to be the most popular recipe of Season 1. But with a hearty, one-pot recipe such as this, it’s easy to portion and freeze the excess of a finished dish for future meals. Enjoy!

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