Sodium vs Hypertension

Sodium vs Hypertension

Season 1 - Episode 2

Did You Know?

​Sodium is an essential nutrient and just like all nutrients, too much or too little isn’t good.

Herbs and spices add the layers of flavor that make our foods delicious.

About 75% of the sodium added to our foods comes from processed foods, not the salt shaker.

Food Over 50 episode #2, "The Salt Show: Sodium Vs. Hypertension," begins with a sizzling hot location intro literally! The July temperature was 117 as host David Jackson stands atop 60 million tons of reflectively white sodium chloride at Bristol Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert!

Emphasizing the importance of reducing salt in our cooking and eliminating "hidden" sodium from our diets overall, "The Salt Show" consists of two exemplary, in-kitchen recipes, No Salt Chicken Chili Verde and Low Sodium Orange Sesame Chicken. Then we visit Uig Lodge & Smokehouse, next door to FO5O's Scottish production location in The Outer Hebrides, to learn all about the pros and cons of salt-cured smoked salmon.

Also in episode #2, Dr. Philip Shaver, founder of Desert Cardiology @ Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Desert, CA is interviewed on why a low sodium diet helps combat hypertension and improves heart health, while FO5O's resident dietician, Elizabeth Kelsey, illustrates where, how and why - from a food perspective - we should shed sodium from our meals.

Finally, David swaps his chef's knife for hiking boots during our ending "Earn What You Eat" segment in order to trek the arid Kelso Sand Dunes in the Mojave and illustrate the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle as we age!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Chicken Chile Verde as prepared by David Jackson of Food Over 50

​Chicken Chile Verdee

Orange sesame chicken as prepared by David Jackson of Food Over 50

​Orange Sesame Chicken