The Weighty Issue Of Calorie Counting

The Weighty Issue Of Calorie Counting

Season 1 - Episode 11

Did You Know?

Focus on all the wonderful foods that you can have, not just the foods you should limit.

Concentrate on healthy, colorful foods with amazing flavor – low calorie doesn’t need to be “taste boring."

​Slow down and enjoy every bite, it takes a while for your body to register that we have eaten. 

On both commercial and Public Television, weight loss diet pitches are popular. Clearly, this means that most of us are concerned with getting rid of extra pounds. But is counting calories the answer?

In this episode of Food Over 50 entitled "The Weighty Issue Of Calorie Counting," chef/host David Jackson and FO5O's resident dietician, Elizabeth Kelsey, show viewers that healthy calories from whole foods are nothing to stress over and not worth tabulating. But empty calories, from highly refined, over-processed foods, are what we need to scrutinize. Don't count them. Get rid of them!

David's trio of good calorie - not just low calorie - recipes reflect this fresh and tasty approach with Italian Insalata Di Cavolo, plus stick-to-your-ribs Southern-Style Beans & Greens, both whipped up in our FO5O studio kitchen. Then it's off to Scotland for another outdoor culinary adventure. David prepares a lip-smacking Pollock Ceviche at low tide, on the seabed of the very bay where he caught the Pollock hours before!

Then in another enlightening "Second Helpings" segment, Elizabeth sets us straight about what comprises a sensible diet, how many and what kind of calories we should be eating, and why so many sensational weight loss schemes are just thatÉ schemes.

And in his "Earn What You Eat" segment to close the show, David burns off calories in the pool to illustrate that swimming is one of the finest exercises in which we can indulge as we age.

Let's eat supper with a knife and a fork, not a calculator, right here on Food Over 50!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Cavolo salad food over 50 style

​Insalata Di Cavolo

Pollock ceviche food over 50 style

​Pollock Ceviche

Southern style greens prepared by Food Over 50

​Southern Style Greens

Southern style beans prepared by Food Over 50

​Southern Style Beans