Dietary Fat: The Good, The Bad & The Necessary

Dietary Fat: The Good, The Bad & The Necessary

Season 1 - Episode 8

Fat is flavor! Butter and lard forever! That's what all the self-styled cooking experts on commercial TV insist. But what if we're getting along in years, our hearts and arteries could use a little tender loving care and our doctors recommend we reduce saturated fats from our diets?

Food Over 50 episode #8 is all about "Dietary Fat: The Good, The Bad & The Necessary." Series host, David Jackson, prepares two exemplary recipes in the FO5O studio kitchen. First, a Low Saturated Fat Open-Face Burger and then Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak w/ Herbaceous Olive Oil Sauce, both illustrating how easy it is to cut saturated fats, emphasize healthier mono-unsaturated fats and not lose a speck of flavor in the process!

Then we visit with Thom Curry, owner of Temecula Olive Oil Company. Thom is on the board of the California Olive Oil Council and a member of the C.O.O.C. Certification Tasting Panel. He details the health benefits, flavor profiles, culinary attributes and marketing stratagems of olive oil, while showing David how top quality olives are picked and pressed into this green/gold elixir.

David and Elizabeth also get together for another "Second Helpings" segment full of nutritionally vital Q&A about the good, bad and necessary aspects of fat in our foods. And to close the show David hops on his bike with another "Earn What You Eat" fitness message. If we're not too old to eat then we're not too old to exercise!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Quinoa salad

​Quinoa Salad

Open face burger deluxe food over 50 style

​Open - Faced Burger Deluxe

Seared tuna steak and quinoa salad

​Seared Tuna Steak