Eating Away at Inflammation

Eating Away at Inflammation

Season 1 - Episode 13

Did You Know?

Inflammation can trigger chronic diseases such as heart disease and Type II Diabetes.

A diet loaded with garden fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy plant based fats is a good start for an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Many herbs and spices have powerful anti-inflammatory and healthy antioxidant properties.

"Eating Away At Inflammation" is the theme for episode #13 of Food Over 50 and combating this challenging health issue through good dietary choices is its purpose. Ironically, almost every recipe in each of our FO5O episodes helps fight inflammation. Our saturated fats, sodium and sugar shows teach us food behavior to combat heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. However, our series episodes about healthier fats, fiber, spices, protein and eating the rainbow teach us that health-positive meals are also taste positive. They all help prevent inflammation, no matter what their additional attributes may be.

From the kitchen, David has a few culinary surprises up his sleeve, including a Seafood Mixed Grill that offers a taste-tempting, heart healthy alternative to an old English chophouse favorite. After all, would you rather sit down to sizzling salmon, scallops and prawns dressed with lemon, olive oil and anti-inflammatory Omega-3's, or fatty steak, sausage, kidneys and bacon with a side of clogged arteries and swollen joints?

David also visits with Dr. Kari Hortos, Sr. Assoc. Dean at MSUCOM, to learn more about inflammation from a medical perspective and share this enlightening information with viewers. Then he joins Elizabeth Kelsey, R.D. for another "Second Helpings" segment to examine the subject of inflammation from the perspective of nutrition.

Finally, "Tennis Anyone?" These are David's closing words for episode #13 thanks to another energizing "Earn What You Eat" segment. Highly active, relatively low impact competitive sports, like tennis, are excellent for maintaining our aerobic fitness and foot-hand-eye coordination well into our 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond. David's uncle Earl was his tennis partner while filming the segment and Earl is 87!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Seafood mixed grill food over 50 style

​Seafood Mixed Grille

Beet and ginger salad food over 50 style

​Beet & Ginger Salad