Dietary Fiber: Bulking Up on Taste

Dietary Fiber: Bulking Up on Taste

Season 1 - Episode 5

Did You Know?

Most of us only get about 50% of the fiber that we need on a daily​ basis.

Fiber aids in creating a healthy gut, which in turn, helps​ make a healthier you.

​Fiber can be found in fruits, whole grains, nuts and vegetables. 

Food Over 50 episode #5 tackles a rough subject - "Dietary Fiber: Bulking Up On Taste." Most people think that a fibrous diet consists of a lot of broom straw and tree bark, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Fiber is immensely beneficial for us as we age, especially because our intake of medicines tends to increase, our activity level tends to decrease and our "regularity" becomes a little less regular.  

The episode opens with host David Jackson reflecting on the passage of time, watching himself on a mid-century television set as a much younger David promotes the importance of fiber. This is from his first cooking show 35 years ago! The message is constant. Only the messenger has changed. This, in point of fact, makes FO5O's high fiber message all the more vital!

The tasty menu for episode #5 includes David's delicious Almost Chicken Soup, so loaded with fresh and hearty vegetables, and beans, that there's "almost" no room left for lean, skinless chunks of chicken breast! Then there's David's adaption of a Middle Eastern classic, Tabbouleh with Artichoke. By adding this fibrous and flavorful vegetable, the equation is improved: Fiber + Fiber = Delicious!

Health hungry viewers are also in store for an informative special segment on "The Sources of Dietary Fiber," followed by Elizabeth's "Second Helpings" segment, which further informs viewers as to why more fiber in our food is vital as we age.

And to wrap up the episode, David takes us back to the summer hideaway in The Outer Hebrides to work up a good sweat. He cuts peat for his "Earn What You Eat" segment. Hebridean peat, which is fuel rather than fodder, is 4,000 years of accumulated grass and heather compressed into Scottish firewood!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Almost chicken soup as prepared by David Jackson on Food Over 50

​Almost Chicken Soupe

Tabbouleh as prepared by David Jackson on Food Over 50

​Tabbouleh with Artichoke