Sweet Things

Sweet Things

Season 1 - Episode 4

Did You Know?

Look for words such as sugar, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup or sucrose on food labels, to know if sugar has been added to the foods that you're buying.

​Consume sugar as a once in awhile treat, not as a necessity.

Natural sugar in foods usually isn’t a problem. It’s sugars added in the processing of foods that needs to be eaten with caution.

Even if we end up with a mouthful of dentures later in life, chances are that we still retain our sweet tooth! That's why episode #4 of Food Over 50 shows viewers exactly how to satisfy this irresistible urge with creative deserts containing a healthy package of nutritionally sweet benefits, as opposed to refined white sugar which contains nothing but empty calories.

"Sweet Things" opens in the arid date gardens of Southern California's Coachella Valley, where David introduces us to 3 delectable dessert treats - a Mediterranean Sweet/Savory Dessert Tray, Boozy Oranges w/ A Hint Of Chocolate and Date & Bourbon Chantilly Cream Over Fresh Fruit. Our host whips up all these yummy temptations from FO5O's kitchen studio near Palm Springs.

Then David host takes viewers on an out-of-kitchen adventure to Oasis Date Gardens. There we experience the annual harvest of this ancient, semi-dry fruit. It's agriculture like you've never seen, and possibly never tasted before! Also, dietician Elizabeth Kelsey educates viewers to the surprising nutritional benefits of dates, and other fruits, while cautioning us about using too much refined sugar during her "Second Helpings" segment. Plus, David goes for a jog to wrap up the show with another "Earn What You Eat" message about the importance of positive activity and fitness, no matter your age.

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Date & bourbon Chantilly Cream dessert as prepared by David Jackson on Food Over 50

​Date & Bourbon Chantilly Cream Recipee

A hint of chocolate dessert as prepared by David Jackson on Food Over 50

​A Hint of Chocolate Recipe

Sweet & Savory dessert platter as prepared by David Jackson on Food Over 50

​Sweet & Savory Dessert Tray Recipe