The Power of Protein

The Power of Protein

Season 1 - Episode 6

Food Over 50 is not just your average Public Television "How To" cooking program. Instead, it's more a "Why To" series emphasizing the importance of a nutritious and health-sustaining diet as we age. And our "Power Of Protein" episode (#6) advances this philosophy, while balancing good nutrition with abundant flavor, thanks to five disparate but delectable recipes.

First, host David Jackson creates a trio of "Devilish" Eggs in the Food Over 50 kitchen. Instead of traditionally deviled yolks, David stuffs the high protein egg whites with enticing and surprising low fat fillings like zesty guacamole and curried squash!

Ounce for ounce, lobster has as much protein as beefsteak, but a fraction of the saturated fat. So, David takes us to our seaside production location in Scotland to catch and cook a luscious "lobbie" right on the beach!

Then it's back to FO5O's desert kitchen for Spanish Arroz and Frijoles Pintos Picantes! In other words, good old rice in beans, which together provide a super low- fat protein source, plus masses of flavor thanks to garlic, chili and a decadent culinary twist, lobster stock!

Episode #6 wraps up with the dietary pros and cons of protein in our "Second Helpings" segment with Elizabeth Kelsey, R.D. And yet another visit to Scotland has David showing us that hauling a heavy lobster creel from the depths, with a slippery line, is a rather wet but rewarding way to "Earn What You Eat!"

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Food Over 50 devilish eggs

​Devilish Eggse

grilled lobster Food Over 50 style

​Grilled Lobster

Spanish rice made with lobster stock

Spanish Rice

Frijoles pintos picantes, Fod Over 50 style

​Frijoles Pintos Picantes

Homemade lobster stock

​Homemade Lobster Stock