The Spices of Life

The Spices of Life

Season 1 - Episode 12

"The Spices Of Life." It's an apt title for episode #12 of Food Over 50. After all, herbs and spices offer a bounty of concentrated anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that are greater than almost any other category of foodstuffs. But best of all, spices offer a superior variety of intense flavor alternatives that shame salt and sugar by comparison.

FO5O's host, David Jackson, opens the show in the kitchen amidst a bazaar of exotic spices. Donning his apron, it's straight into a pair of outright delicious Indian-influenced recipes - Fresh & Easy Lamb Curry and Vegetarian Saag Aloo - plus his own rendition of a family recipe from Scandinavia, Spiced Fruit Compote that would be right at home in the Madras.

Episode #12 also spices up its "Second Helpings" segment with nutrition advice from our resident dietician, Elizabeth Kelsey. For instance, did you know that cinnamon helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar, allspice regulates blood pressure, the capsaicin in red chili peppers reduce appetite and has anti-cancer properties, and turmeric is a veritable cure-all?

To close the show, David rambles the headlands and beaches of The Outer Hebrides, near our Scottish production location, to remind viewers that a long walk after a good meal is one of the least strenuous yet most enjoyable ways to "Earn What You Eat," no matter where you stroll!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Saag aloo from the spices of life

​Saag Alooe

Lamb curry from the spices of life

​Fresh & Easy Curry

Spiced fruit compote from the spices of lifeSpiced fruit compote from the spices of life

​Spiced Fruit Compote