Sweet Things II

Sweet Things II

Season 2 - Episode 11

​​​​There’s no denying we all have a sweet tooth, but as we age and our A1c levels often tend to climb, lowering our refined sugar consumption makes a lot of sense. But what about our sweet tooth? Who wants to give up dessert? The first season of Food Over 50 brought us several delicious dessert options with zero refined sugar in David’s initial “Sweet Things” episode. So, for Season II, a second helping of healthier and more nutritious desserts are back on the bill of fare with “Sweet Things II.”

Did you know that pears are high in fiber? So what could be better than fresh whole Poached Pears in hearty red wine and exotic spices to bring out their natural sweetness? David also places a ripe medley of peaches, nectarines and plums on the grill grates to concentrate and caramelize their natural fruit sugars for Grilled Stone Fruit, plating them with a smear of low-fat yoghurt! And for a light and lovely pudding with just a hint of tropical sweetness, how about Mango Whip?

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Poached pears dessert as prepared by Food Over 50

​Pears Poached in Red Wine

Grilled stone fruit dessert as prepared by Food Over 50

​Grilled Stone Fruite

Mango whip dessert as prepared by Food Over 50

​Mango Whip