Minimizing Meat

Minimizing Meat

Season 2 - Episode 12

​​​​In Episode #12 we’re “Minimizing Meat: Recipes For The Cautious Carnivore!” It’s no secret that when it comes to eating red meats and poultry - at our age - the selection, preparation and portioning are very important. Smaller, leaner cuts are best. Plus, more healthful cooking methods keep the steaks, chops and cutlets from wallowing in their own fat, or swimming in extraneous sauces. A well-balanced meal that includes meat is a simple equation - one quarter from the butcher shop, one quarter from the granary or potato bin, and fully half our plate from the garden!

Food Over 50’s chef/host, David Jackson, puts beef on the grill, pork in the pan and a chicken in the pot while keeping saturated fat to a minimum and great taste turned up to the max! David accentuates the importance of keeping meat dishes modest, accompanying them with sensible portions of healthy carbs and oodles of veggies, and saying “No Thanks” to rich sauces and heavy gravies!

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Featured Recipes in this Episode

Minimizing meat with meatloaf and cauliflower mash as prepared by Food Over 50

​Half & Half Meat Loaf

Minimizing meat with lamb kebob recipe as prepared by Food Over 50

​Lamb Kebabe

Minimizing meat with turkey ball soup as prepared by Food Over 50

​Turkey Noodle Soup

Minimizing meat with cauliflower mash as prepared by Food Over 50

​Cauliflower Mashe