​​​Thanks to your positive viewership of our first series, Season 2 of Food Over 50 launched September 16, 2019 to 97% of PBS and independent Public Television stations across North America. From Alaska to Maine, San Diego to Miami, and across the American and Canadian heartland, you’re watching, cooking and consuming our recipes along with Food Over 50’s healthy lifestyle examples.

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Season Two Episodes of FO5O

Dirty Eggs recipe as prepared by Food Over 50

Episode 1: The Breakfast Club

​ “The Breakfast Club,” addresses our hasty and redundant consumption of what is widely consider “the most important meal of the day!”
 FO5O’s Chef/Host David Jackson helps us navigate the idea of a healthier, more sensible breakfast with three extraordinary morning meal options.

Recipes featured in this episode: ​Dirty Eggs  - Blueberry Slow Oats - Date and Walnut Slow Oats - Garden Skillet - Morning Fiber Boost

Classic salad nicoise as prepared by Food Over 50

Episode 2: The Art of the Salad

​ The more we advance in age, the more leafy garden greens deserve a healthful and nutritious place in our well-rounded diets. But there’s a real culinary skill to selecting, sculpting and dressing crisp, vibrant foliage, or fruit, into delicious works of culinary art.

Recipes featured in this episode:Classic Salad Nicoise - Mixed Greens in Ancient Dressing - Ambrosia Tropicale

Food Over 50 host David Jackson cooking fireside chili

Episode 3: Eating Outdoors

​Focusing on the dietary challenges of “Eating Outdoors.” Meat- heavy tailgate barbecues and convenience-oriented camping fare like hot dogs, canned chili and S’mores pose a problem to those of us who can’t, or at least shouldn’t, eat like teenagers anymore!

Recipes featured in this episode:Fireside Chili - Salmon Tailgate Skewers - Tomato and Basil Salad

An assortment of spices for curried lentils as prepared by Food Over 50

Episode 4: Heat vs Flavor

​This lip-smacking episode introduces us to the cuisines of the Caribbean, India and China by exploring the potent culinary relationships between heat and spice in a trio of intensely appetizing recipes.

Recipes featured in this episode:Jerk Spice Chicken - Sichuan Stir Fry - Curried Lentils

host David Jackson prepares a Spanish tortilla on Food Over 50

Episode 5: Quality Calories

​ By consuming fresher, more wholesome foods, cooked without greasy coatings or rich sauces, we can appease our appetites and enjoy our meals without adding a calculator to the table setting! Spanish Tortilla, Chicken/Grain Salad, Batter-Less Fish & Chips - Eat Better & Count Less!

Recipes featured in this episode:Spanish Tortilla - Batter-less Fish & Chips - Chicken & Whole Grain Salad

Roughing it with Food Over 50 fiber fiber everywhere

Episode 6: Roughing It

​ Do you recall the decades-old suppertime entreaty by our parents to “eat your roughage?” These days we call it fiber, but the sentiment is the same. That’s why in Episode #7 we’re truly “Roughing It!”

Recipes featured in this episode:Grilled Vegetable Antipasto - Tomates Farcies - Fresh Berry & Quinoa Salmagundi

Food Over 50 host David Jackson prepares reduced sodium quick kraut casserole

Episode 7: Subtracting Sodium

​ Whether or not we flirt with hypertension, a diet that Reduces, Replaces and Removes excess sodium, especially hidden sodium from preservatives, is important at any age. So, instead of adding too much salt to our meals, in this episode of Food Over 50 we are “Subtracting Sodium.”

Recipes featured in this episode:Beef Fajita Tacos - Quick-Kraut & Pork Casserole - Nori-Maki Sushi

Food Over 50 host David Jackson with fresh made crepes

Episode 8: Stretching the Facts About Gluten

​ Gluten vs. Gluten Free? Are we confused by the whole Gluten issue? Exactly what it is? What it does? Who it impacts? What are the symptoms of Gluten sensitivity? In Episode #8 of Food Over 50 we examine the facts about this stretchy little protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

Recipes featured in this episode:Savory Whole Wheat Crepes - Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli - Whole Wheat Blueberry Crepes

Seafood display in a giant clam shell from Food Over 50

Episode 9: The Seafood Diet

​We certainly do not need to live close to salt water to enjoy fresh fish and shell fish these days. As we age, the lean, healthy, tasty aquatic protein and Omega-3 sources from seafood are very welcome.

Recipes featured in this episode:Steamed Snapper - Crab in a Cradle - Maritime Stew

Food Over 50 host David Jackson prepares pisto manchego

Episode 10: Garden Variety Cooking

​Farm-to-table cooking is mighty popular these days, but unless we have our own backyard garden, farm-to-table is often easier said than done. In this episode David emphasizes the plant-based, but not necessarily plant-exclusive theme of many of his recipes.

Recipes featured in this episode:Pisto Manchego - Cantaloupe Salad - Sweet Corn Hash - Watermelon Salad

Food Over 50 host David jackson is concerned about consuming too much sugar

Episode 11: Sweet Things II

​There’s no denying we all have a sweet tooth, but as we age and our A1c levels often tend to climb, lowering our refined sugar consumption makes a lot of sense. But what about our sweet tooth? Who wants to give up dessert?

Recipes featured in this episode:Mango Whip - Grilled Stone Fruit - Pears Poached in Red Wine

Minimizing meat with lamb kebob recipe as prepared by Food Over 50

Episode 12: Minimizing Meat

​ It’s no secret that when it comes to eating red meats and poultry - at our age - the selection, preparation and portioning are very important. Smaller, leaner cuts are best. Plus, more healthful cooking methods keep the steaks, chops and cutlets from wallowing in their own fat, or swimming in extraneous sauces.

Recipes featured in this episode:Lamb Kebab - Half & Half Meat Loaf - Turkey Noodle Soup - Potato & Cauliflower Mash

Cucumber raita, mango chutney and onion tomato relish condiments as prepared by Food Over 50

Episode 13: Clever Condiments

​ Fresh is best when it comes to the meals we cook and eat, but what about bottled condiments that often go in, or on our meals? From ketchup to hoisin, there’s not much that’s fresh, fibrous or low in sodium or sugar about these manufactured sauces, marinades, dressings and relishes.

Recipes featured in this episode:Parsley Sauce - 4 Seasons Cranberry Sauce - Barbecue Rub - Curry House Medley - Onion & Garlic Jam - Pilipili Ho Ho

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